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About Zorb.io

Zorb.io is an awesome 3d version of games such as agario, it follows the same basic concept of starting small and gradually getting bigger however you’re placed in a completely 3d, 360 degrees world surrounded by other players and colourful stars. For those who are unfamiliar with this style of game you begin in the game as the smallest possible size and eat the stars to gain size, once you’re bigger than certain players you are able to eat them for a big boost of food! Be careful however as if they are bigger than you it is you who will be eaten!

Zorbio has a really helpful feature that highlights enemy players with a red or green name depending on if you can eat them or not, this is extremely useful in the 3d world as it can be harder to tell their exact size from some angles.


Use the WASD to control movement, your mouse can rotate the camera in any direction at all which can allow for some really cool evasive manoeuvres.

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