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Xess is an awesome take on the classic game of chess but with its own io style twist. The game plays kind of similar, all of the pieces you’d expect from a game of chess are here and they all move the same however you play on a huge board with several opponents rather than just a 1 on 1, oh and there are no turns! If you are unfamiliar with the rules of chess I suggest looking them up before giving this game a go, one of the most important things you’re going to need to know is that your king is priceless, if you lose your king you lose the game so make sure you’re taking extra good care of it.

In Xessio you’ll find neutral pieces all over the board that can be captured by any of your existing pieces, at the start this should just be a king but at the same time you’ll have to watch out for enemies trying to get more pieces for themselves as well as trying to take you out. In this game pieces such as the castle, bishop and queen are amongst some of the more valuable as they can move a lot more freely than something like a pawn, because of this these pieces are a lot rarer and more higher contested.


You are able to take control of any piece you have captured although they can only move in their official chess style e.g. pawns can only move 1-2 squares in one direction. To move your pieces simply left click them and then the square you wish to move them to.

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