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About Wormate.io

Wormate is another awesome Slither styled game where you take control of a worm/snake and eat in order to grow in size, the bigger you are the easier you’ll find it is to take out other opponents. You can gain size by eating the food that spawns around the map (which by the way looks super tasty in wormmate) or take out other worms and munch the food they drop.

In Wormateio you’ll be one worm amongst many in an action packed free for all arena styled game, although size can give you an advantage it doesn’t necessarily make you untouchable, smaller worms can just as easily take out a bigger opponent through good positioning. For those who aren’t familiar with this type of game you simply need to make your enemies drive into your body, they will only die if their head connects with you however so make sure to avoid crashing head first into an enemy!


Control your worm with your cursor, it will follow wherever your pointing towards, you can use left click to speed up at the cost of a bit of food.

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