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About Warin.space

Warin.space is a space themed shooter game which takes you into an online 2d environment where teamwork is everything. There are two teams to pick from; red and blue, you’ll be able to select which one for yourself or choose auto-fill. The game is fairly simple but comes with a range of features that keep you interested such as the upgrades system. As you wonder around the map and gather salvage you’re able to put points in one of 3 areas and eventually transition to a new/better ship.

Warinspace is essentially a huge team death match, although the objective is to destroy the enemies base you can’t do that with several defenders in the way. As we have previously mentioned however teamwork does play a massive part in success, it is incredibly difficult to dodge oncoming attacks meaning that the more firepower wins.


Your ship will follow your cursor for movement, use either A, spacebar or left click to shoot. You can upgrade certain attributes of your ship using Q, W or E also.

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