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About is a face paced 2d shooter fairly similar to games such as Slaim or Although similar in some aspects its also very different, the concept is generally the same for the whole genre so that’s to be expected but it definitely has its own twist when you compare gameplay and graphics.Take control of a trooper and battle it out against other players in a medium sized arena, although you are able to respawn as many times as you like its still a fight for survival and that top spot on the leaderboard so play smart!

You’ll notice on your HUD there are 2 major icons; a big blue bar and a heart. The big blue bar represents your ammo, as you shoot a bar will lose its colour and once you’ve used them all out you won’t be able to shoot! Fear not however as your ammo will regenerate after a short amount of time or you can pick up the blue bubbles scattered around the map in order to get it back instantly. As you probably could of guessed the heart represents your health, each player has the same amount of starting health and can each take around 5 shots before dying so try to dodge as much as you can. Like with ammo, health pickups are also available to help regenerate faster, they can be found in the middle of the map in the form of a small pink heart.

As a big shooter fan myself I think this game has a lot of potential as its really fun already, to anyone looking to dominate the battlefield I’d try to stay around the walls in the middle as they provide cover from on coming attacks and also contain the only health pack on the map.

How to play

. Movements: W A S D
. Shooting: Left click

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