4.50 avg. rating (88% score) - 4 votes is a space themed shooter game, choose from 1 of 5 classes(Fighter, tanky, striker, speedy and destroyer) and get into the fight. When you first enter the game you’ll be surrounded by asteroids of all different sizes, these asteroids can be destroyed to get points. Once you collect enough of these points you’ll be able to level up a stat shown at the bottom left of the screen, these stats include: max health, health regen, bullet damage, bullet range etc. There are 9 different stats in total but I’ll let you look at the rest for yourself, their system is fairly similar to other games such as so if you’ve played anything like that you should know the jist by now.

In as well as being able to pick a class and choose the stats you want to upgrade you’ll also be able to select an ability. There are 5 abilities in total to choose from; repair, super boost, shield, invisibility and reverse. Each ability works roughly how you’d think, the most useful is probably the repair or super boost, super boost especially for those who prefer to be more mobile.

Personal Opinion

One of the features that I think needs visiting is the movement, you can not move with the common W A S D/arrow keys, the only way to get around is by shooting. The shots will give you momentum in the opposite direction kind of like you’re floating around in space. In my opinion theres nothing wrong with that but I think you should be able to move normally too as it can be a bit frustrating when you’re trying to destroy an asteroid and you keep flying out of range of it.

How to play

.Movement: As mentioned before you move by shooting, shooting in front of you will send you backwards etc…
.Shooting: Left click

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