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About Tenk.io

Tenkio is an awesome arena based shooter game which places players in a large free for all surrounded by colourful tanks of all sizes and an awesome soundtrack. Tenk adds an io twist onto the tank genre by adding the very popular ‘eat to grow’ feature. Although you don’t exactly eat anything you can pick up orbs or land shots to get bigger.

The bigger your tank is the more damage you deal meaning that you’ll also take more damage from bigger tanks so it’s advised to dodge as much as possible! In Tenk.io your cannon shoots automatically at set intervals, this is probably one of the only negatives about this game as it means you have to be constantly aiming towards your enemy, this isn’t a massive hindrance however unless you’re like me and like to make every shot hit through great timing and aim.


You can use the WASD keys to control your tank, you will travel in the corresponding direction and not steer which is important to note as its a different system to most other games, also as I already mentioned shooting is automatic so simply use your mouse to aim and you’re good to go!

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