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About Tanqs.io

Tanqs is a brand new io game recently released to the public, its a capture the flag arena game played using tanks! It’s one of if not the only capture the flag based io games out there which in its own is a pretty impressive feat. In true CTF fashion there are two teams, red and blue which will battle it out against each other and try to take each others flags before returning them to base. If a player successfully takes the enemy flag and drops it off onto their podium they will secure a point for there team and have a message appear in chat notifying people that it was them that did it.

Tanqs also has a unique way of offering a range of power ups to players that look for them, these come in the form of white flags and each can randomly give you a bonus such as a shield or increased ammo. Although sticking to the simplistic nature of an io game Tanqs includes everything you’d want and expect in a capture the flag game and is tons of fun to play, definitely a must play!

How to play

Move around using your cursor to steer, left click to shoot and right click to drop picked up flags!

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