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In my history of playing io games I have never came across a game such as Stabby. is an incredibly addictive manhunt style game, imagine assassins creed multiplayer as an io game and that is what Stabby is. The game follows a day/night cycle which last 60 seconds each, your objective is to find and kill real players hidden amongst hundreds of bots that look exactly alike! It sounds tough right? well it is, and its incredibly rewarding when you’re successful!

Stabby works around a stamina system, moving around will slowly drain it and performing an attack will cost a large chunk of it, 50 stamina to stab in the day and 25 to stab at night. Each time you land a kill on a real player you’ll be rewarded with a large sum of points that varies based on how much score the victim has you’ll also be given 10 points for slaying a bot, its not a lot but at least its not a complete waste of stamina.

In order to be successful in this game its important not to stand out, one of the biggest ways people get discovered is by stabbing someone, anyone around you can see this so after you go for a kill look around you for anyone trying to get close. Bots tend to move only in straight lines and stop before changing direction, so look out for anything even as small as someone turning back on themselves. is a game that will have you incredibly paranoid and on edge, ‘did someone notice me?’ ‘I wonder if I look suspicious’ ‘Is he going to kill me?!’ Just some of the thoughts that are bound to be going through your mind in this thrilling game of kill or be killed!

How to play

. Movement: W A S D
. Attacking: Spacebar
. Targeting: Left click

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