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About Spred.io

Spred.io is an awesome combination of games such as agar.io and splix.io. It perfectly combines aspects of several types of gameplay into one super io game. At the start of the game you’ll be able to choose from one of 6 classes; default, builder, hunter, tank, sapper and minelayer however you can pick a different one anytime you die. Each class comes with its own perks and set backs that allow it to strive in some areas whilst falling behind in others. For example the builder is able to setup things such as walls faster but is very slow at murging so its all down to how you plan to play the game.

Once you get into the game you’ll be on a huge map made up of small squares, these squares represent territory and can be claimed by anybody simply by standing on them, some classes do this faster but everyone can do it. The more area you claim the more mass you’ll acquire and the closer you’ll get to winning the game although all your progress will be reset upon death. The winner is decided by whoever is the first to claim 75% of the entire map which is a lot easier said than done! You have the ability to build walls and turrets to help defend your territory if you so choose although it can be fairly expensive for newer players. In Spred.io everyone’s goal in map domination so be careful of players bigger than you, they can eat you much like in agar.io.

How to play

. Give mass: (can be given to players or used to increase the strength of walls) – W Z
. Fire poisonous projectiles: – X
. Build walls: (start off as fairly ineffective, when given mass they will get darker to show you how strong they are) – C
. Build towers: (Can only be placed on fully upgraded walls – B
. Destroy placed walls: – V
. Lay a mine: (minelayers only) – S
. Split: – Spacebar

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