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About Splashwars

Splashwars in a free for all territory game much like splix.io and terr.io. You’ll roam the map as a coloured arrow with the ability to paint wherever you move, your objective is to have your colour paint the majority of the map. You can do this several ways, either by roaming around a bunch or by shooting other players/drones to help you cover a wider area faster. Although your goal is to cover the whole map in paint there is also combat in the game, this can help you do this faster as if you take out all of the enemy players no ones going to be able to stop you painting. To take people out either hit them several times with your paint balls or make them crash into you.

How to play

You can steer left and right using the arrow keys, use the up and down arrows to accelerate/slow down. Shoot at people using spacebar.

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