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About Speedboats.io

Speedboats.io is a super fun free for all shooting game played with speed boats! Each player takes control of their own speed boat which is armed with a machine gun, your main objective is to take out as many other players as you can whilst also avoiding being blown up yourself. The game itself is played in a 3d environment which is fairly uncommon in the io games genre so it’s always nice to see it, the boat movements are nice and responsive so it’s really nice to just drive around.

Speedboats.io is a great game to play vs some friends or play alone, the map is well sized for the average player count at the moment, it allows for action packed matches without feeling over crowded. On the map you’ll probably come across the ramps, these are really fun to go over when trying to escape an opponent although you don’t get too much air. These ramps are the only piece of terrain that you are able to drive into without taking damage so be careful when going around corners.

How to play

. Movement: W A S D
. Shooting: Left click

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