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About is probably my favourite space shooter that I’ve played to date, its definitely more well rounded than others like it in my opinion. You’ll be given a very small tutorial when you first log on to the game that should inform you of everything you need to know but just in case…

In you’ll be going around in a spaceship trying to kill as many players as you can. You’re not going to be able to do that in a small, weak ship though however but the game has you covered there too! You can upgrade your ship by collecting white orbs that spawn around the map, much like the food in, you can also get bigger orbs from shooting and blowing up asteroids that you’ll also find scattered across the map. Once you collect enough white orbs your ship will level up, this will change the shape, size and strength of your ship which is obviously very helpful for taking out your opponents.

Like in most games that involve combat there is a leaderboard in the top right of the screen, you can use this scoreboard to look at what players are stronger or weaker than you which can be useful to make sure you have the advantage. Another way of doing this is using the radar thats located in the bottom left of your screen, there will be a bunch of red dots and one green dot (which is you). The red dots will vary in size depending on how big the player is, these features are incredibly useful and ensure that the gameplay never gets stale as you can find enemies a lot easier.

How to play

. Movement: Mouse (ship will move towards your cursor, your ship will move faster/slower depending on how far away your mouse is from your ship)
. Boost: Spacebar
. Shooting: Left click
. Secondary device: Right click (things such as rocket launchers can be picked up from asteroids)

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