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About is an awesome 2d space shooter. Take control of your very own spaceship and blast away other players with your gun. Being in space just a little movement can get you quite far, there are also asteroids floating about with you so watch out for those as if you crash your ship will blow up! Spaceblaster is fairly similar to other games in the genre such as or however its also fairly different. One of the biggest differences you’ll notice is that Spaceblaster doesn’t use any form of levels system and although this can seem like a lack of content it actually allows for more running and gunning.

The main and only objective in this game is to take out as many other players as you can without being taken out yourself, its all about the score on the leaderboard. To help you take them out is a bunch of weapon powerups that you can find floating around the map, some of these include things such as rapid fire, scatter shot and even homing shots! There are achievements for players to unlock whilst playing, you’ll get these for things such as your first kill, a kill streak or even just surviving for more than a minute! Although these may seem like small things at the start they can actually be quite difficult to do, hence why you get an achievement for them! is a really fun game to play and although quite basic it can easily keep you entertained for a decent amount of time. It produces very simple gameplay and solid graphics, it has a good base for an enjoyable 2d shooter and the achievements make it feel as though you’re being rewarded for your gameplay, definitely a good pick up for any io enthusiast!

How to play

. Movement: W A D
. Firing: Left click/spacebar
. Drop a bomb: S

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