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About is an incredibly addictive 2d tank shooter, it combines aspects of both and into one with a few of its own personal touches. Start off by customising your tanks colours or choose one from the list of presets, give your tank a name and then get straight into action. The map is filled with colourful shapes and other players trying to kill each other, in order to protect yourself you’ll need to first get some levels.

To do this simply shoot the shapes until they break, each shape will give you some XP and eventually you’ll level up(you can see how close you are to a level on the bar at the bottom of your screen). Each time you level up you’ll be able to add a point to 1 of 6 stats; health, health regen, speed, bullet damage, bullet speed and reload timer, the usefulness of each stat depends on how you like to play. For example I prefer to constantly fight but I’m good at dodging so I go for more damage and more movement speed to help me dodge whilst putting out damage. Every 10 levels you’ll be able to evolve your tank, you’ll have a few choices to pick from and although I haven’t tried them all out myself I found the option with the longer barrel works really well for me.

Take extra care when going around the map as crashing into shapes will deal damage to your ship, if you’re a good driver however you can use this to your advantage by using them as cover in a fight and hopefully getting your opponents to crash into them. The only real goal in is to kill as many players as you can and reach number 1 on the leaderboard so good luck!

How to play

. Movement: W A S D
. Shooting: Left click/right click

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