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About is a new concept in the io genre that I haven’t yet come across. Each player controls a cute looking cube character, you make your way around the map by hopping, each time you jump you gain heat. The hotter you get the more powerful your next big jump gets although this can be very strong if used properly it can also result in instant death is used wrong. The jumping mechanics in this game are fairly simple, if you jump over another player you’ll kill them and stop, if you don’t connect with anyone you’ll keep travelling until your heat runs out, at max heat you’ll jump straight into the map border and die. is a big free for all but can still be a lot of fun to play with friends as a bit of friendly competition. Around the map there are several different squares to look for; stars which will give score, you can also kill players. A lightening bolt known as ‘shock’ this will instantly kill players with lightening, ‘fire’ which allows you to make a jump twice, the first jump being especially powerful. The ‘bomb’ that destroys all players in a 9×9 area around you, the ‘shot’ which shoots in 4 directions killing enemies it touches and lastly the teleporter that will transport you to a random place on the map.

If I had to compare it to another game its probably most similar to in that to take out other players you must jump over them, of course the gameplay is nothing alike but its the same general concept. I think Smelter has a lot of potential to become one of the top io games, supported by great gameplay and clean graphics its certainly looking like one.

How to play

. Movement: Left click to jump to the square next to you, this will generate heat
. Attacking: Right click to use a powerful jump, gains strength with heat

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