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Slay is an incredibly addictive 2d arena shooter and feels a little like the arcade version of Squaddio. It features several gamemodes ranging from a team death match to a straight up free for all. The map itself looks incredible in the games classic 16 bit style graphics and blocky textures. In Slayone you’ll start off equip with a small laser rifle that has a fairly low rate of fire and damage output however you are able to find and use multiple weapons from around the map such as a flamethrower or shotgun. Once you manage to land a few kills you’ll notice that the blue bar sitting just under the health bar goes up, once you reach a certain level on this bar you’ll be able to place either a health station or a auto turret depending on what you need. I haven’t survived long enough myself to test but I’m pretty sure you’re only allowed one of each per player on the map at a time!


Move around using WASD, shoot with left click and change weapon using the scroller. You can place health stations with Q and autoturrets with E, happy slaying!

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