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Slain is an incredibly addictive arena style free for all fighting game, it is also one of the newer features on our website. Take control of a 2d boxer and battle it out against both enemy players and AI opponents. You can make yourself a lot stronger by defeating either of the enemies or picking up orbs. One of Slainio’s most distinguishing features is its levelling sytstem, this allows for 9 trainable skills and ensures balanced fights for everyone. As a noob you’ll pretty much be safe from other players and as you gain levels you’ll notice there are some people you can not attack due to a big difference in strength. This rule works both ways keeping you safe from the bigger opponents and keeping the little ones safe from you!

Initially it may be a little hard to survive but once you get a hang of the stat system and find what works for you you should be more than ok!


In you use the WASD keys to move around and left click to punch in whichever direction your mouse cursor is.

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