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Another one of my favourites: Sl4sh. Sl4ashio is incredibly unique but if I had to compare it to a game it would probably be most like Narwhale without the narwhals of course… By that I mean you roam around in a fairly large sized map as a ninja triangle and try to slice through your opponents. In order to do this however you’re going to need to train your deadly triangular menace by defeating the not so scary floating shapes located around the map.

These shapes come in all kinds of colours which are just for appearance however the bigger ones take a lot more hit to kill and reward you with significantly more experience. Once you’ve gained enough xp you are able to allocate points into several different stats such as damage, hp and movement speed. Because of the vast options to customise your stats its recommended to try out the game a few times in order to find what works best for you.


Use your cursor to direct your characters movement, left click will lunge you forward and spacebar can project a shield for a few seconds.


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