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Skyarena is an awesome 3D free for all game where you take to the skies in your very own fighter plane! Not had much experience as a pilot? No problem! Skyarena has very simple yet incredibly exciting game play that even the biggest of noobs can handle. The map itself is obviously set in the skies over an ocean, there are several clouds scattered around that you can drive through despite not being able to see through them. Because of this clouds are a great place to escape enemy fire.

In its every plane for him/herself although you could team up with a friend if you were able to find them. The combat system is pretty easy to understand you just aim and shoot although it can be a little difficult to hit planes that are good at dodging. You’ll be given unlimited ammo so even if you aren’t a very good shot you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of chances! The only thing that bugged me slightly was there is no health bar so its hard to keep track of exactly how many hits you can take, there is however yellow smoke that appears when you’re close to dying so watch out for that!

How to play

Everything is controlled with your mouse, left click to shoot.

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