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Skribbl is a new and super fun io game. It’s essentially a big online game of ‘guess the word’ its a great game to play with friends or with new people online, you’ll take in turns drawing out a given word for other people to guess. When its not your turn you’ll be one of the people guessing, you earn points based on if you guessed the word and how fast you guessed it. Skribbl can be extremely funny to play with some peoples drawings not being too accurate and guesses being ridiculous but its always good to play! The rules are simple, no spelling out the word for people to guess and no making drawings completely unrelated to the word, if something like this happens the host can kick people or others can down vote that player to stop them drawing again.

If you’re having trouble guessing check the top of the canvas for letter hints or look in the chat for when a ‘close word announcement’ is made this will simply tell you if someone was close to the correct answer.

How to play

Type in the chat box to guess the word, when drawing you’ll be given a selection of colours and brush sizes to use at the bottom of the canvas.

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