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Shipo is an ocean based free for all game, take control of your own pirate ship and battle against other players in order to gain gold. Shipo is played on the waters with several other players and AI opponents, the art style is fairly simplistic but in 3D which is always nice to see in the io genre and kind of feels like a mix between and You’ll be able to attack other players by shooting your cannons at them, as you land shots you’ll gain health which is displayed beside your name as a small number. You can also buff up this number by picking up chests/coins. It’s important to note that your health bar also acts as your XP bar, once full you will upgrade to a stronger ship and get a new health bar making you incredibly stronger.

Shipo is fairly new to the scene but definitely has potential to stay relevant, its fun and colourful to look at which is encouraging to say the least. If I was to make any suggestions to the game I’d ask that they give the gold a purpose as you can collect it but there is no shop that I could see to spend this on.

How to play

Steer your ship using your mouse cursor, shoot using left click.

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