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Scorpo is a cool free for all game set in the desert. If you couldn’t tell from the title you’ll be playing as a scorpion, before entering the game you’ll be able to choose your name and select a colour for your scorpion to be although this is just cosmetic. Once you’re in you’ll have to fight against other players for survival, there are gems around the map to collect all doing different things. You’ll be able to see what colour does what at the top left of your screen but some of the possible things are increased damage, increased speed and increased health. uses these gems to implement a form of levelling system which feels very rewarding due to the variation. Some stats are permanent where as some effects can be temporary.

Although very new to the io genre I’m sure it’ll soon grow in popularity due to its simple gameplay and fun combat. An added bonus is of course that you get to play as a giant scorpion and attack people with your stinger! If you’re looking for a new fighting game with a cool art style then try out Scorpo, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

How to play

Move around using WASD, use the mouse to steer and use left click to attack.

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