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Rops takes the classic game of rock, paper, scissors and transforms it into a super fun battleships styled io game. Ropsio is a 1on1 board game where you are given one half of the board per player and allowed to place a select amount of units(default 10 with 1 bomb). These units consist of either a hand(paper), a fist (rock) or a V shape(scissors) each following the default rules of rock, paper, scissors you are allowed to move the pieces to take out other units, the player who runes out of units first loses! There isn’t a whole lot more to say other than the game is a lot of fun to play with friends, you can also challenge random opponents online or even play against AI for some practise, a tutorial is mandatory when playing for the first time so that should fill in any gaps I’m leaving, enjoy!


To place a unit select it from the menu on the right and then click the square you want to place it on, to move pieces select them and then the square you wish to move them too. (In case you don’t know… Rock > Scissors > Paper > Rock.

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