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Rocketblitz is an awesome space themed shooter game, you play as a part of one of two teams and play against other people contesting territory whilst destroying anyone in your way. Because of its simplistic nature the game is very easy to get into and is incredibly fun right from the get go!

Rocket blitz offers users a choice between various different spaceships to take control of and dominate the battlefield however only the default fighter will be available to those who haven’t signed up to their website.(I’d recommend doing this if you enjoy this style of game or just want to try the other ships.) As well as the endless carnage provides there is also more objective focused aspects that players will also enjoy as the matches are played in a classic capture the flag/king  of the hill style game mode; basically there is a central moon that can be captured in order to gain your team points.


WASD controls movement, the space bar is used to shoot your weapon.

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