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About Rangersteve.io

Rangersteve.io is an incredibly fun 2d shooter. You’ll be playing as Steve, a badass soldier equip with rocket boots and an array of weapons. This game features several maps to play deathmatches on and a bunch of different types of match, for example shotguns only.

The only goal in Rangersteve is to run or fly around the map and kill as many other players as you can, its especially fun to play with friends. Some games will even be a team deathmatch featuring red and blue teams, there is no kill limit only a time limit, each game lasts 10 minutes and the winner is decided by whoever has the most kills by the end of this limit. Some of the other weapons featured include an assault rifle and a desert eagle, you are however able to switch between the 2 whilst in game with the pistol acting as a secondary weapon. I’m not sure you’ll find too much use for it unless you prefer to use pistols however as there is unlimited ammo to allow for maximum action!

In Rangersteve.io the best players manage to stay on the move whilst putting out shots, this can make it very hard for other players to hit you meaning that you’ll take less damage although it can also be a bit harder for you to land shots in return. It’s recommended to only stay still for a few seconds at a time, try firing in bursts and then moving to a different location. This game even takes into accounts where you hit an enemy so landing headshots/high body shots will do a lot more damage! Overall the gameplay is really fluent and the graphics are an awesome fit, definitely on track to become a top io game.

How to play

. Movement: W A S D
. Rocket boots: Rightclick/shift
. Shooting: Left click
. Reloading: R
. Switch weapons: Q

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