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Racegame is an awesome 2d racing game, take control of your very own race car play against up to 19 other players! Although incredibly simple racegameio successfully incorporates everything you’d want from a race game and much more! Because of its incredibly easy game play anyone can become a top class driver and dominate the track!

One of its more limiting features however is that everyone uses the same car meaning everyone has the same speed, handling, breaking etc.. In my opinion I would like for them to change this, having some variation would definitely allow more exciting games. Racegameio’s circuit you play on is fairly small considering the amount of players allowed in one race and the minimap can get a little hard to read with all the dots clustered together, apart from that this game is very fun and a definite must play for racing fanatics!


WASD or arrow keys can be used to control your car with W being accelerate, S being break and A/D being turning.

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