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About Piranh.io

Piranh is super fun to play, you take control of a piranha and battle it out against other fish in an underwater themed free for all. Pranhio follows the general system when size is introduced, the bigger can eat the smaller however this also includes a levelling system. This system acts as a natural balancing system for those playing for longer and gives a fair chance to the new, smaller fish. As you grow bigger you’ll climb the levels for example once you get as big as you can as a level 1 you’ll go back to the starting size and advance to level 2. Although leveling isn’t all bad, the higher level you are the faster you can gain size and the greater max size you can go to. Along side the basic eat to kill system there are also several abilities available through pickup, these can range from going under water to a freeze ray!


Control your movement with your mouse, left click to boost and use space bar to active an ability if you’ve picked one up.

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