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About Pikan.io

Pikan is a free for all shooter style game that focuses more on good aim than the classic run and gun style games that the io genre usually produces. You begin as a fairly little triangular character armed with a single shot, you simply need to take out your opponents to grow stronger and work your way up the leaderboard. Your whole body is immune to damage apart from a small part of your nose which is shown with a different colour, it can be quite hard to hit as your shots travel fairly slowly which is where having good aim comes into play!

In Pikanio you can eat food/kill opponents to get bigger and gain more ammo, the downside to this is that your vital point will also become a bigger target to make up for your increased combat effectiveness. I found it was easier to be smaller overall, although the extra ammo is nice as a higher levelled player your ammo charges up at the same speed when you’re small and you’re able to avoid incoming shots a lot easier, this is just an opinion however so try it for yourself and let me know how your experience went!


Use your mouse cursor in order to direct your characters movement, you can fire using left click.

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