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Pewpewio is a really fun 2d shooter game played in a small arena. The map itself is outer space themed and bordered with white/light blue lines. Pewpewio is a big free for all, each player will be armed with a simple laser gun at the start but can acquire new weapons through pickups. So far I believe there is only the default weapon as well as a triple shot gun but I wouldn’t assume this is the extent of their armoury. The triple shot gun seems to have a lot faster fire rate than the default rifle, try to get it as many times as you can by looking for the pick up with a cross hair on it.

You take control of a classic UFO looking spaceship painted a different colour for every player, your main objective is to take out everyone else you can whilst avoid dying yourself. The map borders act as an electrical fence of sorts but instead of doing damage they power up your ship making it travel a lot faster whilst touching it. Aside from this you can also use your boost to accelerate forward very fast, this ability has a short cool down and can be reused almost instantly. The down side to using it too often is it won’t be as strong as a full powered boost so its probably better to let it power back up fully before using it again unless absolutely necessary. seems to still be in early stages of development right now but with fluent movement and responsive firing it seems to be promising, hopefully the devs continue to work on it and create a game that can rival others in the genre such as and

How to play

. Movement: W A S D
. Shooting: Left click (Holding in the button will not keep shooting)
. Boosting: Right click

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