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As you might be able to tell from the name is strongly influenced by pacman, it also combines elements of games such as too. Before you get into a game you’ll be able to select a skin to use to help better represent you (wide range of country skins).

Around the map is a ton of glowing orbs that you can eat in order to gain XP, once you have enough XP you’ll level up which will take your character to the next speed. To my knowledge you do not gain size from levelling up, however you are able to get bigger from some of the power ups dotted around the map. These power ups can include things such as a speed increase, a size increase and even a double XP. Alongside these buffs are debuffs, you can tell the difference by the colour of the ring outlining them.

These debuffs include things such as size decreases, speed decreases, inverted movement and 1/2 XP, each buff/debuff lasts between 15-30 seconds depending on the value. As well as these its also recommended to watch out for other players, especially the ones moving faster than you as they can eat you. As well as speed the game takes into account the size of a player so if you are able to get a size buff you’ll be somewhat safer from stronger players.

How to play

. Movement: Mouse (Character will follow your cursor)
. Boost: Left click to boost your speed (Will use your XP if you have any)

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