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About Ovar.io

Ovar.io is an awesome free for all amongst sperm for control of the Ovars/eggs that spawn around the map. This game is somewhat similar to both Slither.io and Agar.io but at the same time is fairly unique. Much like the real process tons of sperm controlled by players will be battling it out to be the one that enters the egg. There are 5 types of sperm to choose from; Cluster, Scout, Soldier, Ghost and Tank. Each class has different stats and abilities so each player can choose what best suits there preferred playstyle.

The combat in Ovar.io is fairly straight forward, you can take out other players by crashing your head into their tail, because of this all players should prioritise keeping their tail safe and away from other players. Around the map are coloured orbs much like that of agar.io however with a slight difference, each colour represents a different stat which will gain XP when you collect it. The red orbs represent attack, the blue represents life and the yellow represents skill, once you have collected enough of one type you’ll level up that stat(can be tracked at the bottom right of your screen).

Whenever an Ovar spawns a announcement will be displayed on your screen, if you manage to find an unclaimed one simply swim through it towards the centre, the first player to get to the centre will claim it for themselves. Once claimed the Ovar will shoot out projectiles in all directions and lay some mines initially, if you lose the battle to claim it then you should run or risk taking a lot of damage. Overall the game looks great and is a ton of fun to play, my favourite class is the ghost, what’s yours?

How to play

. Movement: Mouse (Character will move towards the cursor)
. Abilities: Left click/spacebar

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