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About Orpe.ga

Orpe.ga is another awesome space styled free for all shooter game, you have the option of up to 8 different types of ship all possessing unique traits. Although unique each ship with have two standard methods of attack, primarily your gun which will shoot towards your cursor and mines which will be placed behind the player taking a few seconds to detonate. Orpega is very fast paced and action packed, although a free for all be ready to be surrounded by opponents as it is a lot more effective to try and snipe someone else’s kill.

The game features a leader board which keeps track of score rather than your kills, you can generate score by picking up the stars scattered around the map or killing other players, to my knowledge this does not give you any specific advantage but it does look nice to have your name in lights. Be aware that having your name celebrated will also come with a bunch of guns pointed at you as you will appear more distinctly on the minimap and therefor targeted a lot more.


Use WASD to control your ships movement, left click will fire your gun and right click will drop a mine, just remember your gun can only shoot straight so you’ll have to be driving towards your opponent to land any shots.

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