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About Orn.io

Orn.io is essentially a 3d world inspired by agar.io. It follows basically all the same concepts/rules that agar.io does but its put into an awesome 3d environment. If for whatever reason you haven’t yet played agar.io or a game like it then let me begin by explaining what you can expect.

You’ll start off very small, around the map are colourful blobs which if you go over you’ll eat them and get bigger, you can also go over players if they’re smaller than you to eat them. Eating players is probably one of the fastest ways to get a lot of mass quickly although it can be fairly hard to catch someone if you’re much bigger than them. The bigger you are the slower you’ll move which helps to balance out the game for new players.

In Orn.io there are also red spikes dotted around the map, if you’re small you don’t really need to worry about these however if you reach a size that are bigger than the spikes rolling into them will split your character into tons of smaller blobs. This can be incredibly dangerous as this means a lot more players can eat you so its important to try and avoid these. Another feature in the game is the ability to split, this will literally split your blob into 2 different blobs that are exactly the same size, this ability is useful for closing a gap when trying to catch or escape another player although it does pose the same threat as the spikes.

Personal Opinion

My favourite part about the game is trying to take out anyone that has eaten me before, I go for a kind of robin hood play style (taking from the big and giving to the little) Overall Orn.io is very fun and I prefer it to agar.io or other similar games just because the 3D aspect is very different.

How to play

. Movement: W A S D
. Camera: Mouse to turn
. Splitting: Spacebar

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