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About Orbs.it

Orbs.it is a challenging but very fun io game that takes place in space, it seems that the orbs are orbiting a fun if you zoom out, these orbs are the main objective and you’ll have to battle¬†other players to control them. These orbs are constantly moving around which can make them a little tricky to hit but most of the time they’ll be within range. Any orb you control can be selected and used to shoot, when you shoot you’ll fire a projectile in your colour, if this connects with a neutral or enemy coloured orb it will claim it as your own. In return if any of your orbs are hit (even the one you’ve selected) the enemy will gain control of it.

Orbs have a short cool down on firing (about 2seconds) but have no limit as to when they can be claimed by someone else. This means that if someone steals one of your orbs you can get it back almost instantly if you’re a good shot! The gameplay in Orbs.it is very fast paced, you have to keep an eye on your own orbs whilst attacking other players, because of this it requires good multitasking or you’ll find yourself getting overwhelmed pretty easily.

Orbs.it is a new concept to me, there definitely might be other games that its based on but I’ve never seen anything quite like it, uniqueness is always a great selling point in any game but especially in the io genre where a lot of games tend to be heavily based on another game. If you’re someone who’s always looking to try out a new, fun to play game then give Orbs.io a go!

How to play

. Shooting: First you must select an orb controlled by you using left click, once selected left click to shoot.

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