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About is a super fun game similar to but instead of the regular blob character you’ll be roaming the map as a giant ass! You are able to customise this bottom of course with a range of skins so make sure you look the part before you take the fart(bad joke sorry). When you first get into the game you should start noticing the similarities, there are a ton of colourful beans scattered across the map that are all worth different amounts of points. Once you collect enough points you’ll start to get bigger meaning you’ll be stronger and can eat other players.

There are a few major differences that you’ll need to look out for when playing and that is some of the pickups/icons you’ll come across. The first is the beans which I’ve already touched on however beans are also dropped by players when killed, the bigger the player the bigger the beans and the more points they’re worth! The second is the chillies that float all over the place, if you manage to catch one they’ll add an extra firey fart to your arsenal(no pun intended). There are also glowing golden stars that bounce around much like the chillies but are much more powerful, these stars allow you to be invulnerable from any other player even the big ones! Whilst you have the star power up you can crash into big butts in order to steal some of there beans.

The last few things to be careful of are the red fart clouds and the blueish pills, the red clouds will make you cough up your beans all around you for other players to take and the pills will instantly kill you so be careful!

How to play

. Movement: Mouse (character will follow your cursor)
. Boost: Left click
. Abilities: Q W E

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