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About is another game similar to the likes of, and many others, maybe not at first glance but the gameplay is definitely the same in that you go around eating to get stronger and take out other players trying to do the same. One of the major differences about is the characters and the graphics, you start off with access to the basic nibbler ‘alder’ who kind of looks like an acorn with eyes and as you collect food in game you’ll progress to unlocking the other characters. As far as I can see the other characters don’t give any advantages they’re purely cosmetic.

I think the graphics are incredibly cute, the art style is very simple and everything is smiling, kind of like a child’s drawings.(Not to say the artwork isn’t good) If like me you’re a completionist and you’re looking to unlock all the characters you can always get a 3000 food freebie by sharing the game on Facebook, Twitter and VK.

As I mentioned the other character do not have any clear advantage, everything dies in 1 shot however you can evolve which will let you take an extra hit. Being similar to the likes of you can probably guess that you need to eat food scattered around the map in order to evolve, you’ll be able to see how close you are to evolving by looking at the ‘evolve’ bar at the bottom of your screen. If by chance you take a hit from an opponent you will drop all of the food you’ve collected on that life for anyone to pick up, if you’re evolved when hit you’ll still drop your food but you won’t have to wait to respawn.

How to play

. Movement: Mouse (you will walk towards your cursor)
. Combat: Left Click/right click/spacebar to shoot

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