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Ahh Narwhale, such a beautifully simplistic yet perfect game. This is up there in my top 5 browser games maybe even top 3, its really fun and has everything you’d ever want from a game like this, it has narwals which already had me sold, it has beautifully smooth game play and last but not least, carnage. Narwhaleio is brilliant to be played with friends however it can be just as fun to play alone, take control of your very own Narwal and use your horn to thrust into your opponents. Landing a successful hit will slice them in half and take their power for your own which will give you a boost in a random stat.

One of the best things about the game other than the 3 points I mentioned at the start is the progression system, as you successfully take out more opponents you become stronger, you get increased speed, attack range, stamina and a whole lot more! The map size is well fitted to the player count meaning that unlike most games you won’t be wondering around searching for opponents, instead you’ll be in an action packed environment clashing horns with whoever dares challenge you! Like I said this is one of my personal favourites and I’d definitely recommend playing it.


Use the mouse to direct your narwal, using left click to lunge forward and cut anyone you make contact with in half!

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