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Nafk is a territory based free for all game, very similar to Splix you take control of a worm and use your body to draw shapes expanding your claimed land. As you draw more shapes and larger areas you’ll slowly but surely create a bigger flag, this flag can be customised before getting into game and you can even use a custom image meaning its the perfect place to show off your meme collection.

Nafkio allows players to take each other out although it wouldn’t be right to call it much of a combat system, you can only take out other worms if they’re on your territory and since other people can expand their territory onto your own this is used for defence rather than offence. In order to take someone out all you need to do is make them crash into your worm on your claim, if you crash into someone else on neutral ground you should just pass through one another. features usable abilities also which can help you to safely expand your claim, you’re given a speed up, a camouflage and an option to zoom out for a fixed period of time which can be useful in avoiding on coming worms.


You can control your worm using WASD, your abilities will be shown at the top of your screen but for the sake of the controls section can you use them by pressing Q, W and E.

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