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Mypuppet takes games such as and transforms it into a really cute world where you’ll control a sock puppet instead of a snake. The game plays out quite similar, you start off as a small worm and either eat the food dotted around the map or take out other worms in order to take their mass. If you’re unfamiliar with this style of game the bigger you are the more of an advantage you have although even the smallest of players can take out the largest puppets with some quick reflexes. In Mypuppetio you only need to make your opponents head crash into a place on your body if you both collide with your heads I’m assuming you’ll both die although I’m yet to actually witness this.


Lead your puppet using your mouse, you can speed up using left click although this will cost you some of your mass for however long you decide to use it.(When you first start off you can’t use the boost as you have no extra mass to use)

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