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Myball is creative football game where you’ll play as a free agent and be able to join 1 of 8 different courts to play against other players. There are 2 teams on each court with a maximum of 2 players each side you’ll be able to interact with said players with an in game chat so you can arrange teaming up or whatever else it is you need. As well as being able to type you’ll be given the option of several different quick chats to use such as ‘Nice shot!’, ‘Great pass!’, ‘Goaaaaaaaaal!’ The game play itself is quite simple, you’ll be able to run into the ball to nudge it, you can also shoot the ball which will push it a certain distance in front of your players. follows the general rules of football, put the ball past the goal line and you score a point. The team with the most goals by the end of the time limit wins the match. If a match is already in play you’ll have to stand outside and spectate until the games over so if you want to play either head to an empty court or make sure you get there fast.

How to play

Move your player using the arrow keys, space bar to shoot the ball and A to sprint.

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