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Munera is an awesome retro style medieval dungeon game, fairly similar to At the beginning you are able to choose from 5 classes which are Mage, archer, knight, orc and ogre. Each class has a different play style for combat, as you can imagine classes like mage and archer use ranged attacks to take on enemies from a far, classes such as the knight, orc and ogre use melee attacks and thrive in close quarters. Remember, is a free for all, any player you meet in the dungeon will almost always try and kill you if they see an opportunity as well as this there are also AI monsters of different strengths roaming around in the dark so be careful!

Munera takes on a strong RPG feel when playing despite being an io game, there is no levels system however as you kill other players you will gradually get bigger and gain more health making you a lot stronger. Because of this system its important to look at how big your opponent is before engaging in combat, if you’re still not too sure you can always look at the leaderboard in the top right for the players name. Each class has 2 attacks that can be used, a basic attack and a class specific ability, for example the archer will shoot arrows normally and a big explosive shot as its ability. These abilities take time to recharge before being used again so use them wisely!

The last thing to know before playing is that the dungeon is very dark, you’ll only be able to see a few squares around your player when moving so beware of players/monsters hiding in the shadows!

How to play

. Movement: Mouse (character will follow your cursor)
. Combat: Left click to use your basic attack – Right click/spacebar to use your ability

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