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Mudwars is an odd one to explain properly, you play as a tank and battle it out against tons of other players in a fight for gold. The gold you’re trying to get is buried all around you within dirt however and to get to it you’ll have to create tunnels. It isn’t quite as easy as this however as everyone will be trying to get this gold for themselves so whilst harvesting it you’ll have to fight off other tanks. Once you’ve successfully found a piece of gold start firing at it until its health bar hits empty, once this happens you’ll get an amount of XP depending on how big the gold was. This XP can be used to upgrade certain parts of your tank such as your HP and damage. has a safe zone in the middle of the map that restricts pvp, this area also has a small amount of gold so its recommended to get some of this before venturing out into the dirt! Also remember that even though the tanks can be the same colour there are no teams, don’t confuse a similar tank for a teammate!

How to play

You’ll be able to select two different movement options before getting into game, you can either use WS and the mouse or the arrow keys + spacebar to move around and shoot.

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