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About Minesweeper.io

Minesweeper.io is essentially a replica of the original minesweeper game but brought into a multiplayer environment. For those who aren’t familiar with the game you basically reveal tiles around a checker board style map and try to avoid blowing yourself up. Amongst the tiles you will come across 1 of 3 things, either a number between 1-3, an empty tile or a bomb.

The numbers indicate how many bombs are on the surrounding squares in a 3×3 section which can change the game from a game of chance to a tactical thought intensive one. The blank squares are just that and the bombs of course will blow you up and end the current game for you. Minesweeperio also has the option to place flags which make certain squares unclickable, this can be particularly useful if you come across a square that you think has a bomb under it so that you wont accidentally uncover it after.


To uncover squares use left click, flags can be placed using right click. Watch out for those pesky mines!

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