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Meduzzza is a game that perfectly combines my love for jellyfish with the game mechanics of Slither. Play as a medusa(commonly known as a jellyfish) in an underwater world full of other jelly stingers and try to get big enough to dominate the ocean. Getting bigger doesn’t necessarily guarantee your victory however as even the smallest stinger can be deadly, in order to take out an opponent simply aim to make them crash into your tentacles.

You can get bigger by picking up the orbs floating around in the water or kill other jellies to pick up the food they’ve gathered, you are able to boost your speed for fixed periods of time in order to catch your enemies off guard also so use this to your advantage when in combat! Meduzzzaio also features some pretty cool graphics and animations, one of my favourites is how the jellyfish bob whilst swimming, definitely worth a play!


Direct your jelly using your mouse, left click to boost your speed.

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