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About is one of the most polished as well as fun to play io games I’ve come across. is a fast paced 2d shooter game which feels like an old arcade game with a bit more content. Work your way around the map as part of one of two teams, take out enemy players with the various weapons available and lead your team to victory. In total the game offers 6 different weapons to use; lasergun, flakcannon, rocket launcher, grenade launcher and the rail cannon however you can only use them if you find them around the map. Each weapon has its own unique shooting animation and projectile path, make sure to try each of them out to see which one you prefer.

As well as weapons there are also 4 types of pickup available these are armour packs, health kits and 2 types of spider mine. The health kits as well as the mines are usable whenever(see the controls section) where are the armour is directly applied to the bar below your character. You should remember that you have some form of radar in the centre of your screen, you’ll notice that there will be both blue and red dots surrounding you in different directions, these are players.(Red being enemies, blue being allies) Use this radar to your advantage to hunt down enemy players or to find a teammate for backup should you need it.

Personal opinion

As I mentioned earlier definitely feels like an old arcade game, the graphics are awesome and simplistic and the sound track fits perfectly for a 2d team deathmatch game. The game is probably most comparable to but is of course incredibly unique, its a must try for anyone who likes this type of game its been added to my personal top 10 and I’ve no doubt it’ll be added to yours too.

How to play

. Movement: W A S DSpacebar to jump
. Combat: Left Click to shoot – Right click to shield
. Weapons: 1-6Q E R

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