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About Loomen.io

Loomen is an awesome agar.io style game where instead of the regular open map you play in complete darkness! Actually thats not entirely true, you’ll play as an anglerfish which means you have a light on your head to help show you what your doing although it’ll only be a small area.The general gameplay is quite similar, there are orbs around the map to pick up in order to get bigger, once you get bigger you’ll be able to eat smaller fish. Your size will be shown on the leader boards in the form of a score this way despite not being able to see very much you’ll be able to see how big the other players are.

Loomen.io brings a unique feature to the agar.io style games with the darkness added, this makes the game a breath of fresh air to anyone getting a little bored of the same thing. That said its easy to pick up for even the newest of players as its really simple yet really fun! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone¬†looking for a new game to try out.

How to play

Steer your fish using the mouse, left click to boost forward.

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