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About is a colourful outtake on bigger games such as Slither, instead of playing as a snake however you begin life as a glow worm. In this style of game you take control of a worm and battle in a big free for all of other worms in order to become the biggest. You can gain size either from eating the colourful orbs around the map or other players. Limaxio feels incredibly smooth to play, the movement is very fluent and the range of colours makes it nice to look at also. You don’t actually become deadly until you boost, your trail is the only thing that can kill an enemy. Because everyone is able to leave a trail this means that even the smallest of worms have a chance to put some points on the board. The in game leader board keeps track of your score and if you’re lucky enough to score the top spot it will also keep track of how long you have maintained your lead.


You can move your worm using the mouse, left click to boost/leave a trail.

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