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About Legions.io

Legions is a new RPG style io game, standing along side Blockergame and brings a fresh breath of air to the genre. There are very few RPG styled io games that manage to be both entertaining and simple enough to be called an io game. Legions perfectly combines these two aspects and creates a colourful world in a cool pixelart style. You’re able to select from 3 classes; warrior, mage and archer. Each class has its own abilities which you can use with no cost to fight against the enemy team. Initially you’ll only be able to use 2 abilities but as you level up you’ll unlock your other 2, in order to level up you must successfully land hits/kills on enemy players.

The classes are all well balanced although I feel they could use a bit more uniqueness as playing mage/archer feels fairly similar. In my opinion these 2 classes have a big advantage over warrior as they can attack from a range where as warriors obviously use melee based attacks. The warrior does have more health to try and compensate this a bit however I feel it doesn’t help much with the low cooldowns on abilities. Legions is a great game and has shown a lot of potential to be one of the top played io games, definitely recommend trying it out!

How to play

Move your character by right clicking somewhere on the floor, use your abilities with the QWER keys.

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