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About is a free for all shooter taking place in space. This game reminds me slightly of and although it isn’t exactly an clone it does kind of feel like a 3d version where you can shoot. In you’ll be floating around space as a weird looking asteroid character, there will be a ton of other players as well as a few AI enemies, your job is to kill them all and reach the top of the leaderboard. The game does not track kills however, every hit you land will increase your score, giving you XP towards a level up, being hit will have the opposite effect however and will result in losing XP/levels.

One of the coolest features about this game is the perspective you play in, you’re able to turn 360degrees in a 3D environment, this means that the fights can be quite interesting as players¬†can dodge/move however they like. One thing to look out for is the big chunks of rock, you are able to fly quite close to them without any effect but as soon as you try to fly through it you will instantly die and be forced to start from level 1 again. is a good pickup for anyone looking for a few hours max of gameplay, since you have to start fresh each time you die there isn’t much continued progression which can be discouraging to a lot of players. If you’re someone looking to fly around space and blast other players until you’re satisfied then this game’s definitely for you. The combat is pretty well rounded, your shots travel pretty quickly if you’re just clicking however the power shots can be quite hard to aim as they travel a lot slower.

How to play

. Movement: Mouse (You will travel forwards automatically, you just need to steer)
. Shooting: Left click to shoot, hold in the button to charge a power shot
. Boosting: Right click to speed up your movement

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